Hello world! Lets Go Koh Samui

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Koh Samui, situated off the East coast in Southern Thailand.

It is the largest of more than 80 islands, for which the greater part are uninhabited. Koh Samui is the third largest island of the Kingdom after Phuket and Koh Chang. Koh Samui was discovered at the beginning of the 70s by backpackers when there were only huts without electricity and tap water, and a population which lived mainly on  fishing and coconut plantations.

Presently, Koh Samui still sends more than 2 million coconuts a month to Bangkok. It is a tropical island lined with coconut palms and with white sandy beaches. Koh Samui is connected several times a day by boats and planes. It is part of Suratthani’s province. Within two decades, Koh Samui became the choice destination in Asia.

Koh Samui built up itself a robust reputation of a small tropical paradise to relax and enjoy.


The climate in Ko Samui is very pleasant all year round, with temperatures varying between 25 and 34 degrees Celsius.There are three seasons, warm and dry season from February till May, rainy season from the end of September till November and “cool” season which extends from October till January. From February till October, The average temperature is from 32 to 38 degrees, but from July till September there can be some showers but only for a few hours.

Rainy season often amounts in fact to some “refreshing” showers followed by the return of the sun. The climate is tropical all year round, but Koh Samui remains always refreshed by a pleasant sea breeze blowing from the Gulf. In conclusion, if you love the sun and if you can withstand heights of summer, come from February till May! It is very rare that it rains.

Relax on a Beach with a Fidget Spinner.

Fidget spinners come in different shapes and sizes, but essentially they can all be used in the same way, it’s just a matter of getting used to the one you have. Heavier ones and those made of metal will keep the spinning momentum for longer, but be careful not to damage anything or drop it onto somebody while you try your newly developed fidget spinner skills.

Starting with the basic balancing trick, it’s not that hard to master. Just spin it and hold it on your finger as long as you can. Try switching between the fingers to get comfortable with holding the spinning toy. Balance the spinner on various fingers. Now spin it faster and keep it on tip of the finger as opposed to a flat area. This is more tricky, but after a while you wil get a feel for it.

Next up are the is the fidget spinner transfer skills. Pass the spinner between your hands in variety of ways while it spins. Simply put a finger from the other hand on top of the spinning spinner and turn it over. Keep the balance and remove the finger from the first hand. Go back and forth between your hands to learn control the gyro effect of a spinning toy.

There are different types of transfers you can use to throw the fidget spinner. Try tossing it back and forth and grabbing by its centre so it continues to spin. Different heights and angles will make it challenging. Other more advanced techniques of the spinner tricks tutorial include under arm toss.

Finally the golden jewel of fidget spinner tricks is the behind the back Spinnercraft toss. Catching it spinning after back toss is quite difficult and takes some time to practice. Keep spinning!

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